How To Maintain SEO Through a Website Redesign


Get The Right Data!

Know which pages on your website are driving the most SEO juice -- this let's you protect them during migration.

Do A Technical Audit


Learn what technical boxes to check - get your page title tags, meta description tags, and 301-redirects in place.

Understand the Tradeoffs


There are times when it is OK to sacrifice keyword rankings, but you need to understand all the implications. If you sacifice 2% of your traffic to get 30% more conversions, that might be an acceptable compromise.

Your New Website Should Get More Traffic. Not Less.

Many ugly websites get tons of traffic from Google.  Just because you're leaving your ugly website behind doesn't mean your new website can't soak up awesome traffic.

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“We brought in multiple Google Analytics consultants before Will Marlow, but he was the only one who understood what we were trying to accomplish, and was able to give us what we needed. Based on his work, we are now able to accurately measure the impact of our advertising campaigns in granular detail. He understands the big picture of what’s important for a business, and he has a real mastery of Google Analytics. Will is fast, a great communicator, and knows how to connect with the right people to solve complex problems.”

Craig Marshall

CEO, Christopher Drummond Beauty

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