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Craig Marshall

CEO at Christopher Drummond Beauty

Many Businesses Gets More Than 50% of Traffic and Sales from SEO

Don't let your website traffic

Fall Off A Cliff

When you hire a branding or design firm to rebuild your website, you are trusting that they are also SEO experts.   This is not always the case, especially when the firm is a small shop.  We recommend that you leave nothing to chance.  Don't let your SEO dry up as soon as you get a beautiful website.

Data-Driven Advertising and Marketing Will Marlow Agency

SEO Is the Most Common "Branded" Channel

If your SEO drops off, this can impact people who are looking for you by name ("branded searchers"), which means allowing your SEO to drop off can hurt sales coming from other sources.

How Can SEO Disappear?

During redesign, any number of accidents can ruin your SEO: accidentally adding a robots file, deleting important SEO landing pages, using non-SEO friendly media types, etc.

How To Prepare for Redesign?

The first step is to get the right data: what pages are important on your current site, and how can you improve them?  The second step is to go through the right technical SEO checklist.

We brought in multiple Google Analytics consultants before Will Marlow, but he was the only one who understood what we were trying to accomplish, and was able to give us what we needed. Based on his work, we are now able to accurately measure the impact of our advertising campaigns in granular detail. He understands the big picture of what’s important for a business, and he has a real mastery of Google Analytics. Will is fast, a great communicator, and knows how to connect with the right people to solve complex problems.

It is a pleasure to work with Will Marlow. He has an analytical mind and is knowledgeable about both traditional PR/marketing, as well as how new digital tools should best be used to drive awareness for a business. He is also meticulous, and I would highly recommend working with him if you have the opportunity.

Arman Eshraghi

Founder at Logi Analytics

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